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About Us

Representing some of the world’s leading brands in automotive, hardware, stationery and household products for well over 100 years.


Ignazio Anastasi Ltd was established in 1866 as a general trading concern. Today, the company has grown and restructured and now operates from a 3000m² purpose-built office and warehousing complex centrally located on the Maltese Islands.

In the early 1980s, we took the first step towards re-organising our business to meet the needs of our growing portfolio of partner brands by setting up sales channels specialising in our main sectors: automotive; hardware; stationery; and household products.  In 1995, we went one step further.  We realised that to ensure future growth and the success of the Group, we needed to evolve away from a family-run firm to a more enterprise-efficient model.  We now have established management teams dedicated to the promotion of each of our main areas of interest.   This enables us to focus resources and cater more appropriately to the specific needs of each sector.

At IAL, we are proud to have represented some of the world’s leading brands for well over 40 years.  We have not only retained brands but also continued to attract leading names in order to expand our stable of products to local retailers and trade.  This is testament to our ability to serve brands well in our market, and, for certain products, in the wider Mediterranean region too. We offer both partner brands and local businesses, manufacturers and industries a strong combination of reliability, responsiveness and reach. 

We continue to seek new routes to growth in our existing sectors and aim to pursue business opportunities, individually or with strategic partners, both within our home market and in a wider Mediterranean region, particularly North Africa.  To achieve this, we are supported by proven organisational skills and a capacity for dynamism and innovation; factors essential for success in today’s fast-moving, competitive environment. We also seek to do this profitably by ensuring that our shareholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders share in our success..



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